Monday, February 9, 2009

It's all about birthdays! Past birthdays actually... Part 2

Alright, now that I'm done with Hui Xian's. Now for the next birthday candidate. If you read my previous post, you'll know who I'm going to dedicate this post to...

For those of you who knows, congratulations! =D

But for those of you who DON'T know... piece of advice, READ MORE!!

Lol, anyway. This post is dedicated to two person. Daniel Mak and my brother, Sui Yee Jian.

Let's start with Daniel's first. His birthday party isn't as grand as Hui Xian's but it still retained the fun mood in it. We celebrated on the day on his birthday itself, which is 22nd of January 2009. After school, we met up in this restaurant called Gilly Cafe nearby Leisure Mall.

Everyone who turned up for the party. (Oh and... ignore the typo at the lower left corner.)

Notice how empty the plates already are in the picture? Well, I sort of came late to Daniel's party due to transportation problem. Throughout the whole thing, we chatted and joked a lot about our past lives, our current lives, the form ones and all.

Daniel, the birthday boy.
Hui Xian, the guest who just celebrated her birthday not even a month ago. LolShu Teng, the... Hey! What are you looking at?Even Kheng Siang, who was once known as Mr.Robot, turned up for the party.
Gan Yang, the chairman of Meranti who skipped training just to attend the party...
...and Cheng Heng too...
...not forgetting Tommy as well. XD
One of the few historic moment when Shu Teng popped a joke. I guess Cheng Heng wasn't listening.

Nothing much happened after that but when the bill came, it stung the heck out of Daniel's wallet. The bill for all the foods and drinks totaled up an amount of RM96.40. Kinda reasonable when YOU are not the only one paying but Daniel, otherwise, paid everything himself. Gotta hand it to the birthday boy.

The receipt and all of the money being used to pay the bill.
Lol, we kind of have to use a calculator to do the counting.

After that, we headed off the restaurant and went to Aladdin. Hui Xian and Shu Teng had to head home and couldn't join us, so us boys were the only ones heading to Aladdin.

We played this game called Left 4 Dead. It's a zombie first-person shooting game. Sort of like a cross between Counter-Strike and Resident Evil. You would be a dimwit if you never heard of it, it's like the best game ever made! We played Left 4 Dead for like 3 and a half hours! Boy, and here my mom actually forbids me to go to any cybercafes. Eventually, my mom found and I was in deep shit.

After the game, we all went back and I was waiting for my dad to come fetch me because it was raining and it was already 7 something. My dad came at about 8.30 or so and well, it was worth the wait. Why? Because my dad totally saved my ass from being scolded by my mom! He told her I only went to cybercafe is because to celebrate Daniel's birthday and only warned me to not get addicted to it.

Wow, thanks dad. Thanks for being so understanding. Thanks a BUNCH! You're definitely getting a present for Father's day! Lol!

Okay then, next on. My brother's thirteenth birthday. Well, since my brother's still young to go out and celebrate his own party with his friends, my parents brought him to a Japanese charcoal-BBQ buffet restaurant down at the Great Eastern Tower! That restaurant was named 'Daidomon' and has a disturbing logo for the restaurant that somehow resembles a fallopian tube. We celebrated his birthday on the 24th of January 2009.

Where the hell am I again?!! Ignorance is really a bliss, don't you think?

Nothing much really happened through out the dinner. Well, except for the fact that me and my brother almost swept all the foods that were available that time, ranging from tempura, fried rice, wheat noodles, miso soup, sushi, you name it! That time, what's inside my stomach had already worth more than my life itself!

Jian, how many times have I told you? Never ever camwhore with your mouth full! LOL
That's just 1/10 of the amount of food that we had that night.
And that's just 1/100 of the amount of food I had that night.
My mom can still have the time to take a picture while eating. Salutations! XD
My father... well, he just dug in anyway.
At least I did what a Japanese should do before eating! Lol

Well, basically, that's just it. Oh and, I did bought a cake for my brother. It's a chocolate mouse fuit cake! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it but if you really want to see it, I can still take the picture. But I gurantee you, the only thing you would see is chocolate. LOL

The price of the whole dinner was... I'd rather not say it. But thanks to my mom's membership card, we got a 10% discount off. But the price still stung us in our arse.

Anyway, I once again wish them two a Happy Belated Birthday and may God bless them with luck this year in both studies and socials.


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