Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meeting Kevin Cheng, Susan Tse, Joe Ma and Sharon Chan.

Gosh, yesterday was such a huge blast! =D

No, I'm not talking about graduation day. I didn't even take any pictures nor getting my picture taken by anyone. In fact, I left graduation day earlier than expected. Oh boy, and before I left, Pn. Lily was mad at me. Guess I'm in for it on Monday.


It was all worth it ;D! Why? Tittle says it all baby! Yes, that's right! I, Kyle Sui Yee Khai, met with Hong Kong TVB's Kevin Cheng, Susan Tse, Joe Ma and Sharon Chan. No kidding!! And it's all thanks to Astro Life and Astro On Demand. Don't know who those people are? Here's a little picture of them.

Starting with Born Rich's...

Sharon Chan (You don't need me to tell you which is Sharon right?) and...

... Joe Ma (Last one at the right.)

Then, we also have an ancient Chinese movie, Beyond The Realm Of Conscience's...

Susan Tse and...

... Kevin 'this-will-get-the-girls-screaming' Cheng!!

It all started when I was watching MTV on a normal day. A pos laju van came and delivered a letter to me. I signed the acception form and just toss the letter aside until my mom comes back and opens it. And guess what was in the letter? An invitation for two to meeting with those Hong Kong superstars!! FOR FREE!!

Knowing that only two of us will go and the other two will not, we tried to decide who to go and who not to go. My dad, knowing him, isn't interested to go anyway, so it was just down to my mom, my brother and me. My mom then called the organizer and talked with her and managed to get another free spot for us! All the way, mom!

The event was on the seventh of November, 1p.m. to around 5p.m. or so, and it was held at Sunway Pyramid. So we went there pretty earlier to avoid traffics and the crowd. We registered the moment the registration counter opened. The seatings were arranged in rows and alphabetically (i.e. first row being named A while the second row being B) and the seatings were numbered as well. Each rows had 32 chairs and the middle was seperated into 16 - 16. We got our seatings and Lady Luck smiled on us again! We were seating on row B! My mom's seating number is B15, my brother B16 and me B17! In other words, we were siting in a very opened space.

But before that, they served us lunch in a delicious buffet and a repeated slide show of the previous events that were organized by Astro.

My mom.

My brother.

Me =D.

The hall.

The signboard.

After some delicious lunch, we went to our seating and in begin the show. I wasn't paying attention (as usual) so I didn't hear what was the name of the MC for the event. He did persent out a few performances by some local artists. Those local artists were former winners from one of Astro's reality show; Astro's talent quest.

I can't remember what were their names =/. But here are their pictures. (Yes, there's leng zai and leng lui in it too.)

The MC.

The first singer, Ryan, I think. He has a sexy voice.

The second singer... I don't remember her name. Her cute voice is too irresistible.

The third singer, though he doesn't look that good, his voice is SUPERB!!

The fourth singer, despite her body, her voice is by far most, the best. Oh and compare her body and her legs. ;)

A duet between the first and second singer. They sang a cute love song. Unfortunately, it's in Chinese. So, I just smiled and nod =)

Duet between the third and fourth singer. They sang an old song but their voice combined together... FUCKING GREAT!!

After that, there was a mini-game. It's a game of quiz where the MC would ask questions about the show that the Hong Kong stars are in. Winner gets a book XD.

The MC and his 'girlfriends'

Then, it was time for the stars to reveal themselves!! But before that, there was another new MC that took the event from then. His name was Jason something.

He introduced himself a little and talked to us about the stars. He then introduced the stars as they walked up to the stage! First to come up are the pair from the series 'Born Rich'

The handsome Joe Ma and the cute and sexy Sharon Chan.

The crowd was going wild already when they saw the duo walking up the stage. Then, next on. You would wish you had a pair of earmuffs when the pair from the series 'Beyond The Realm Of Conscience' appeared onto the stage.

The hot Kevin Cheng and the hyperactive Susan Tse.

Looking at Kevin, the fan girls shouted like there was no tomorrow. I swore to you, any louder than that and my camera lens will crack.

Sharon, greeting us Malaysians =3.

Joe said he had visited Malaysia plentiful times before so he was already familiar with our country =).

Susan, better known as the notorious fierce Empress in Beyond The Realm Of Conscience, cracking a joke xD.

Kevin was rather cool until Joe interrupted and cracked a joke that broke the ice among us XD.


After that, it was game time! >=D

Yes, game time with the stars. The first game was something like a last one standing game. Joe and Sharon is in one team while Kevin and Susan are in another. Each team is provided with one mahjong paper on the floor. The stars then have to pick the audience to come up the stage and stand on the paper during the course of a music. Once the music stops, the paper with the most people standing on it is the winner. However, for the people who stood into the paper, their legs musn't touch the ground or he/she will be disqualified.

When the game started, I held my hand up high. Then Kevin was the first to spot me! He pointed at me and asked me to head onto stage. He was like:

Kevin: *points at me* You!
Me: *looks around* Me?
Kevin: *Nods* Yeah, you! Come up!

Damn excited wei!! XD Then he also called my brother up. We rushed onto the stage and stood on the paper. Then slowly, there were more people coming up and when the music stopped. Jason came up and judged us. There were around 11 people on Joe/Sharon's team while in Kevin/Susan's team... THIRTEEN people!! LOL, and what's more? Among those thirteen people, only me and my brother are guys while the other eleven were all girls! Hot girls~ >=3 HAHAHA

Then, photography session of the participants and the stars after receiving prices from them.

Darn it, look at that lucky girl beside Kevin. She managed to camwhore with him!! D8

On to the second game! Now, another piece of mahjong paper is supplied to the stars. The stars would have to pick four players for each team. The game goes like this: the DJ will play a music, in that time, all four players must stand on the paper without their legs touching the ground with the guidance from the star. Once the music stops, Jason will judge both teams. After that, the paper will be folded into half and the music starts again. And the game goes on and on and the paper becomes smaller and smaller until a winner is decided.

Gosh, I bet that you've seen these stars dancing before. But have you seen them dancing to Lady Gaga's Poker Face? xD Priceless!!

Especially Sharon~ *growls* >=3

After a few rounds, the winner is decide. The winner was Joe/Sharon's!! During the course of the game, lots of funny moments with the stars. One example was on Kevin/Susan's team. The players were gonna fall off and both Kevin and Susan were secretly preventing them to fall.

Oh Kevin, you cheater... LOL

Then there was Joe. He couldn't resist and had to cause havoc to Kevin/Susan's team XD.

See? Team Kevin/Susan were already falling apart.

Susan and Joe, Beyond The Realm Of Conscience and Born Rich, an epic confrontation you wouldn't want to miss! LOL ;D

Photography session again.

Then, the third game of the day. Jason will be saying any random items out and the stars will have to find it among the audiences.

First item: Tissue. Then all four stars rushed down the stage as the audiences raced to the front and offered them their tissues. But in the end, the winner was Joe! Kevin was the last to come onto stage. Sorry, didn't had any pictures. I was busy preparing myself to offer any items that Jason might request. xD

Second item: Earrings. Every girls rushed and gave their earrings but the winner was also Joe! I know, what the hell right xD? One funny moment about that round was the earrings that Sharon got. Apparently, her's had a little blood stain on it! LOL, perhaps someone yanked her earring out in a rush and hurt herself in the process. Ouch!

Third item: Belt. YES!! Finally something I have! The moment Jason announced it, I quickly pointed towards my belt and Susan noticed me immediately. She rushed down as I pulled my belt out. She then quickly took my belt and raced to the stage. Kevin just stood there with no one offering him a belt! LOL!! Just when victory seemed so close yet so far; Joe emerged as winner again ==. Susan and Sharon complained already. They demanded that the girls stand below the stage while the guys stand at the far end of the stage.

Susan also told Jason that I was working really hard to give her my belt xD. Worked so hard that if anybody had taken any picture of me taking off my belt in front of her would looked like a scandal case XD. Then as a gratitude, after returning my belt, we both took a picture. =D

Crap, smiling like a moron already la!

Then the fourth round: An autographed picture (something that was given in the goodie bags before we came in). Kevin was high already when Jason announced it. He immediately ran towards the audience and stood on the chair nearby my mother. My mom was hesitating whether to give Kevin the picture or not that time xD. Kevin got the picture from another person and ran up the stage just to find Joe on the stage already with the picture in his hand. LOL, again?!!

Gosh, Joe particularly owned the entire game. With the other three stars frustrated, they demanded that Joe stayed out of the fifth round XD! Then, Kevin offered to block Joe at the fifth round. For those of you who watched Beyond The Realm Of Conscience, Kevin plays a Kung Fu master. So Joe was shaking already XD.

Joe: Oh boy, looks like I have to back off this time. He knows Kung Fu.
Kevin: *smiles evilly* That's right...

Fifth round, also the last round; lipstick. With Joe being blocked by Kevin, the only contestant was Susan and Sharon. With Sharon wearing high heels, the winner spot was given to Susan who wore sandals.

After that, group pictures again! =D

Yes girls, I get to squat down beside Kevin and take a picture. Oh and I also shook hands with him and boy, his hand was darn manly. XD

After that, on to the fourth game. Just like the third game, there is no teams. Each stars have to compete individually. And each of them had to pick two teammates from the audiences. They are then given a basket of materials; a large piece of paper, color papers, ribbons, scissors, markers etc etc. The game lets the star and his/her one teammate to be a fashion designer and design a costume for the other teammate.

Kevin and Susan with their teammates.

Sharon and Joe along with their 'Barbie' dolls. LOL!

So after a while, time ran out and it was time to show the audience of the stars' work. First to finish was Sharon, then Susan, then Kevin and then Joe.

Sharon and her work as she explains about her costume. Cute and simple. XD

Then, Joe and his work. Apparently, his costume was a cross-reference to Beyond The Realm Of Conscience and Born Rich. (Crown, tattoo on the forehead, bow-tie, handkerchief by the pocket and the lower golden armor)

The Grand Empress and her disciple... LOL! Her costume is mainly about her character as the Grand Empress in Beyond The Realm Of Conscience. If you look closely, there's a golden cape behind her teammate. Sweet~

Finally, Kevin and his masterpiece. He said that his work was also a cross-reference to both the series. But his was a little more creative. Of course, what do you expect? Any of you TVB fans here might remember that Kevin once acted in a movie about being a barber or something (Trimming For Success). Slight advantage for him. LOL.

And the winner is...

None other than Kevin himself!

After that, there was a little session of lucky draw. Jason stated that under some chairs, there's a red packet there. Those who got it, wins. And unfortunately, neither me, my brother or my mom won. Dang!

The prizes for that lucky draw includes lots of Bird's Nest and lots of Essence of Chicken. Whoa, guess that's why they called it a 'LUCKY' draw.

Alright, now on to the fifth and final game for the day. This one's a little bit physical. Each stars will once again have to pick one teammate among the audiences. Then, the teammate will have a basket tied on his/her back and stand at one spot. The stars are given a giant ping pong bat and a few ping pong balls. The trick, is to hit as many ping pong balls and make sure it goes into the basket.

Then, begin the selecting of the teammates. First, Sharon gets to pick her partner. And guess what? My brother was selected!! D8

Sharon: Erm... I pick... that little boy over there *points to my brother*.

Little boy? You don't know how wrong you are, lady. LOL! XD

Then, it was Joe's turn to pick, followed by Susan then finally Kevin. The game then starts with Sharon and Joe first. Sharon was having difficulty getting the balls into the basket and so does my brother xD. See, here's the tricky part. Because ping pong balls can bounce here and there, everytime it enters the basket, it would bounce right back out. So playing this game requires both skills and accuracy. In the end, Joe was the winner (again). Sharon and my brother managed to collect three ping pong balls while Joe and his teammate managed to collect five ping pong balls.

Then the following match was Kevin and Susan. However, Susan requested to be tied with the basket instead of hitting the ping pong balls.


And so, the game begins...

You should've seen Kevin before the game started. He was so darn confident that he was paddling the ping pong ball with the bat while his attention was onto Jason. And confident he should be. Why? Because he was the winner of the entire match! Susan and her teammate collected five balls just like Joe but Kevin... I think he could become a national ping pong player aside from acting. He shot in eleven ping pong balls!! WHAT THE HELL?!!!

Photography session again ;D.


After all those tiring games and events, it's time for the final agenda; group photography session. My mom and my brother gets to have their pictures taken first.

Dang, my brother looked like he was gonna kill someone. O__O Lol, and you know what? Susan complimented on my brother's shirt. She said it was very cute =3.

Gee, why am I located so far behind? Nooooooo!!! Dx

Lol, anyway, after that, it was time for the stars to head back. Awh, I'm gonna miss having such a blast with them. X(

Managed to take one final picture of them before they leave.

Some of the prices we got from the event ;D.

In conclusion:

Kevin Cheng Ka Wing = Hot, Handsome, Tanned, Tough and Cool.

Susan Tse Suet Sam = Beautiful, Still-looking young ;D, Nice, Friendly, Active and Open-minded (as opposed to the Grand Empress, LOL)

Joe Ma Tak-Chung = Handsome, REALLY tall, Cool, Funny, Active, and Tough.

Sharon Chan Man Chi = Gorgeous, Beautiful, Hot, Sexy, Cute, Funny, Friendly, Nice and Open-minded as well.

Haha, that day was really a blast in my life. It was worth leaving graduation day early for as I mentioned before. Many thanks to Astro life and Astro On Demand for giving me this great opportunity to meet these stars. And as for the stars (if they even happened to read this post =P) thank you for giving me such a wonderful time and I wish you all the best in your acting careers and if fate allows us; meet again some time in the future.

Next, on
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